Working Bee 23 June

On Saturday we held our first ‘targeted working bee’ focusing on Goodie Dolls! These cuties are made by crocheting a ‘blankie’ around a small donated soft toy, to create a comfort doll for young children.  These lovies make a huge difference to children who may be suffering trauma, need a distraction when receiving medical treatment or something soft to cuddle in their time of need.

A huge thank you to Christa who offered to hold the event at her house and for providing such a lovely afternoon tea!  Also, thank you to everyone who made the time to come along and learn the simple pattern.  I can’t wait to see all the completed Goodeze!

If anyone who wasn’t able to attend would like to give one a try, contact me and I’ll happily supply toys and wool and a simple pattern for you to give one a go!

World Wide Knit in Public Day 2018

Saturday 9th June is World Wide Knit in Public Day!

WWKIPDAY is unique in that it’s the largest knitter run event in the world.  Each local event is put together by a volunteer or a group of volunteers.

The event is growing in size each year with many groups assembling throughout Canberra and the surrounding regions.  This year ‘Good Omen Goodeze’ (GoG) is taking part in this event from 2 – 5pm on Saturday 9th June at the Centre Court, level 1 outside Myer, Westfield Belconnen Mall.

This will be a day for us to enjoy sitting and knitting together and our members will be creating squares for a blanket which will be donated to the Canberra Hospital. GoG will also be providing donated wool and needles so that interested members of the public can come along and give knitting a try.  We will also have French knitting spools and pom pom makers made from recycled cardboard for children to come down, learn and new skill and join in the fun!

Join us and be part of a very colourful, passionate and local charity group and be part of a global movement.

For more information regarding this event, please visit our information page on WWKIP Day.

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