Canberra Hospital “Knitting for Mindfulness” In-Service

“A study conducted by Harvard Medical School’s Mind and Body Institute found that knitting induces an enhanced state of calm similar to that of yoga!”

This was the key message for today’s GoG “Knitting for Mindfulness” in- service held at the Canberra Hospital. 

It was an honour to be invited by the ICU team to speak about the benefits of knitting for relaxation and mindfulness.  It was wonderful to see so many members of staff come along, pick up a pair of needles and give knitting a go!  Many  of the staff members who came along had learnt how to knit in the past, but as often happens, life gets very busy and the simple joys are often the things that we leave behind on our journey.  

Many thanks to Christa, Mel, Kerry and Krishna for all their support on the day and the ICU team for the invitation!  We look forward to the next time when we’ll be holding a “Crocheting for Mindfulness” session! 


The following is a post taken from the Canberra Hospital Foundation Facebook Page.


Canberra Hospital Foundation

February 8 · 

Today the wonderful Good Omen-Goodeze (GOGs) presented a “Knitting for Mindfulness” session for the staff in ICU. 
Before running the knitting class, Mary spoke about the therapeutic benefits of knitting and crocheting, and how enriching it feels to create comfort items for those who are unwell.

Thank you GOGs for your amazing ongoing support!

When Harry Met Mary!

I’ve been ‘following’ Harry for such a long time now, so what a joy it was to finally meet him on Friday! Sitting in on the presentations with him at my feet was just so special. Harry and his team make such a valuable contribution to the welfare of everyone he meets at TCH! You guys are Superstars!! 😎🤩💜

So honoured, getting pats from Mary, the head of Good Omen Goodeze (needle craft group supporting Canberra Hospital & Health Services) – Harry