Happy New Year Goodeze!

Happy New Year Goodeze! 🥳🥳 It’s been such a fun and productive year! We’ve achieved so much and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every Goodie who contributed to our amazing success this year!

We have supported many Canberra as well as interstate families over the past year and it has been a real pleasure leading us into the new year with so many new Goodies added to our ‘repertoire’, new members joining our community and several new programs starting or set to start in the very near future.

Thank you to one and all for an amazing year! Please stay safe over the New Year and I hope you are able to spend time with loved ones.

Here is a review of GOG’s year in pictures! I hope you enjoy!

It’s a GOG Christmas Delivery!

Yesterday we were incredibly privileged to deliver over three large suitcases full of beautifully handmade Christmas Goodies, to the Canberra Hospital on behalf of all of us here at GOG!! 🎁🎄 What an amazing achievement!! 🤩

First stop, Amy who was working hard under the Foundation Givemas Tree! 😍 Next it was off to the ICU balcony with Genevieve, Isabel, Richard, Kath and Tess to meet with some of the ‘ICU Angels’ who, on top of their usual busy days, will be charged with delivering some of this ‘GOG love’ over the next few weeks. 💕 Thank you to all of you for taking time out of your busy schedules to meet and chat with us yesterday!

We hope these Goodies will provide patients and their loved ones with more than just physical warmth in their time of need; but the warmth contained in the hearts of each of their creators. 💖

A huge thank you to everyone who had a hand in this amazing delivery! You’re kindness and caring is priceless! 😊 💕💖

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I love how GOGs vision and philosophy connects people to make others who are in vulnerable places this Christmas a little bit better.
Thanks to everyone behind the scenes in the GOG community, ICU, Volunteer services, The Hospital Foundation and Media and Communications for all their support to make patients and families time in hospital this Christmas a bit nicer . Kathleen Cook
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What a privilege to be part of this! 😍 – Amanda Hensley
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 Love this 😊

Canberra Health Services Volunteer Awards

So proud today of these two today, Mary Barlow and Carol Richards. Two volunteers representing two fantastic projects making a difference to the patient experience in ICU.

Mary representing the amazing GOG community.
Carol for all the work she does as a floor volunteer in ICU and supporting Therapy Dog Project.

Thanks to Carly Silberberg for nominating. – Kathleen

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Winner!! 😎🥳🥂
So proud of your beautiful vision, Mary Barlow! Congratulations on this official recognition. Bring on 2020!

Woolverine Christmas Super Heroes!

The Woolverines have done it again!! 😁 Look at these super cute ‘super heroes’, all ready to bring some joy this Christmas! 💕 A huge thank you to Sue and her amazing group of generous and creative students at SFX! Thank you for your support over the last two years, and I can’t wait to see your skills and creativity grow in the future! 💖💖

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ICU Feedback – December

Dear Gogs,
This photo was shared with me with permission to share with the GOG community, in appreciation for this beautiful blanket that was gifted during a hospitalization and now continues to give joy and comfort at home.
Thank you GOGs. Xx

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Sometimes it is very difficult for a family member to come into our ICU environment, which for some people many be sensory overwhelming. In these situations we are discovering that if those family members are supported to choose a comfort item, to be placed on their loved ones bed to represent their absence, but show their support. Later the comfort goods will be taken home by the family member that chose it. My colleagues shared this with me and fed back how therapeutic it was.
You are doing good things. Kath Xx

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New hospital care program to comfort the dying and their loved ones.

Ian Bushnell – 5 December 2019 (Riot ACT)

Tess Knight and Toni Ashmore
ICU Registered Nurse Tess Knight and Senior Project Officer for Territory-wide End of Life and Palliative Care Toni Ashmore with Comfort Care items in the Intensive Care Unit at Canberra Hospital. Photos: Michelle Kroll, Region Media.

Watching a loved one die can be the worst day of anyone’s life, but it need not be without its comforts or memories that can help family and friends in their bereavement.

That’s the basis of a new care program being rolled out across Canberra Hospital that offers simple but effective items to make a difficult and confronting time if not less painful then at least more comforting.

Senior Project Officer for Territory-wide End of Life and Palliative Care Toni Ashmore says the medical literature shows three key elements around what is known as ‘comfort care’: physical and emotional comfort, a conducive environment, and legacy or memory-making.

The Comfort at the End of Life Care package is a result of feedback from the Assembly inquiry into end of life care, already existing practices across individual hospital wards and a recent survey of staff and consumers.

The care package contains items such as candles and lamps to create a softer ambience; soft toys for children and to calm agitated family members; rugs, quilts and weighted blankets to warm and relax patients and loved ones; and memory boxes to take away precious items such as locks of hair.

Also coming is a ‘cuddle bed’, a key request from the survey, so family members and friends can hold their dying loved one.

Ms Ashmore says the items were not random but evidence-based measures with proven effectiveness for helping people deal with death – a major life event.

Care items
Comfort Care items: “In essence, people want to be cared for, they want to feel safe.”

The program, funded by the Canberra Hospital Foundation, also includes a brochure that explains what can be offered but also what families can bring of their own to make the space their own, including photos, music and any other significant items, and suggestions for how to spend time at bedside.

It also outlines the social and spiritual support services available.

Ms Ashmore says there are no right or wrong ways to share time with a loved one’s final hours and staff are there to ask what people’s needs were and try to have them met.

Intensive Care Unit Registered Nurse Tess Knight says there is a sacredness about where and how people die, and a deep desire in the culture for keepsakes and mementos.

“In essence, people want to be cared for, they want to feel safe, that requires simple things like the nurses’ presence and ambience, and for families the simplicity of a warm blanket, because when you grieve you get very cold,” she says.

Ms Knight says dimming the lights or the use of deodoriser or essential oil such as lavender also help people cope with the physical effects of dying, such as the changing skin colour and smells.

The care package also includes thumb or fingerprinting, so people can take away a memory of their loved one.

Specially made carry bags with the End of Life Care tree logo are also available for family members to take their loved one’s belongings as well as the personalised knitted rugs available.

Tess Knight with a knitted rug
Tess Knight placing a specially knitted rug on a bed in ICU.

An army of volunteers provides soft knitted toys and rugs. Two adult dream quilts are being designed and created for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with a focus on connection to country and totems.

The Foundation also funds a qualified therapeutic harpist who can provide soothing music at the bedside.

iPads can connect family members no matter where they be, overcome language barriers or simply display photos.

Ms Knight says families will go back over this [end of life] moment with MRI precision, and families need to have a narrative around the dying.

“If we can fill that with as much beauty, dignity and care, and ease, it really helps them shape the story which had huge implications for how the bereavement is down the track,” she says.

Ms Knight says that for staff, being able to provide these comforts is immensely satisfying, and is a return to the core business of nursing – caring for people.

Ms Ashmore says the comfort program adheres to the palliative care gold standard of meeting the spiritual, psychological, and emotional needs of the patient and family.

She says the hospital will also be offering follow-up support to families who have lost a loved one there.

What a lovely article! We here at GOG feel incredibly privileged to be part of such an important and compassionate initiative and I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank each and every GOG member who has put time and love into each and every stitch; whether it’s a crochet, knitted or machine stitch, to create some of these beautiful comfort items. It’s lovely to see our GOG gifts so prominent in this article and in this initiative, and we look forward to continuing our support across the ACT Health services in the new year! 🙂 Well done Tess. ❤️ – Mary

Craft and Conversation!

Today GOG in conjunction with Northside Community Service held its first ‘Craft and Conversation’ session at Margret Hendry School. The focus today was crochet and getting to know each other. It wasn’t long before chains as long as your arm were being skillfully made and the room was full of conversation and loads of laughter! 🤩

Thank you to everyone who joined us today, as well as the Northside Community Service and Margret Hendry School for making this possible. We look forward to seeing you all again next week! 😍

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ICU November Feedback

Hey Mr Tangerine Man!

Here is some lovely Feedback!
Unfortunately one of our lovely staff members dad Derek required an urgent and life saving operation and an ICU admission interstate.
This little Gogster was assigned the job of making his recovery a little bit easier and now they are home and are quite the bonded pair.
This was a screenshot of a video in which Derek is saying thank you for your kindness. All the best for your recovery Derek
Thank you to Team GOG! Xx

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Rainbows Rule!

What a wonderful way to make a difference to people’s lives you GOG’s folk make😊 You brought care and special gifts for a long term patient who was so happy to receive them. His amazing socks were much admired wherever we went in the hospital😃.
So a huge thank you to you all and the special Kathleen! 😍🤩🙏💥

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GOG Drops off it’s First Pink BOM!

Thank you GOGs for this amazing ‘Block of the Month’ (BOM) blanket that you all contributed to, making it very special.
We are keeping it aside for when that special person comes along.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing
GOGs First Pink Block of the Month Blanket! (BOM) A wonderful initiative that all members have thoroughly enjoyed contributing to!

Remembrance Day

Dear GOGS,
This week Poppy came along and helped us to acknowledge Remembrance Day. We know all the Gogsters are special but we decided to keep Poppy aside for a veteran or a defense worker. In the meantime Poppy will hang out with Tanya in the social work office waiting for that special person.

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Rainbow Bear

This gorgeous little rainbow bear was adopted by a little girl doing it tough
Thank you GOGs! X

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Inaugural Block of the Month Blanket

Thank you to all of the makers from the bottom of my heart.  The 36 tiles and the stitcher make me think of stories they were thinking when crocheting, “will I put this colour with that”, “what design is my tile” and what all these people might be doing in their day.  It’s just such a great distraction to an otherwise horrible experience.  When you go into surgery you leave your clothes in a bag.  You’re stripped bare, put your faith into the surgeons and hope Lady Luck is on your side.  It takes the edge off a very raw and blunt experience where you have to claw back from base of basics. 

Thanks Mary and the team, you are sensational!!!  Oh, and I did not know that I could rock pink so well!!  Chris

Printed with permission.

Dogs and GOGS

Two of my favorite projects Dogs and GOGs 😊 it is so wonderful to offer this sort of support to our patients and families thank you everyone who make is possible, we couldn’t do it without your acts of kindness 😘 – Carly

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Gogster Goodness

We just keep learning why patients love these gogsters and pillows.
Yesterday a patient was telling me how much she missed her cat sitting on her bed.
How she missed that pressure feeling on her legs and reaching down to feel soft fur that would give a feeling of comfort and protection.
I thought she would be a great candidate for the cat pillow that unfortunately I don’t have a photo of but attached is a picture of Joel who loves giving the Gogsters out.
Guess what it was a complete hit.
It reminds us how important our pets are to our sense of wellbeing.
She referred to the pillow of giving her some solace until she gets home.
The tactile design, the colour and the big contented cat face was a winner

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GOG Love

I have been meaning to post a message here…😍🥰😍

Last week I had the pleasure of caring for a wonderful person who was incredibly unwell. I felt so privileged to care for him, and to fold and place the chosen blanket and crocheted toy on him each time I turned him and provided pressure area care/skin care. Each time I did it, I placed the beautiful, thoughtful knitted goods aside, did his personal cares and took giant pride as I placed them back on him; knowing that his children would hold the items after he passed away, and how important these items will be in the future. I hope the beautifully crafted goods provide solace to his children for many years to come. Thank you Gogsters; for providing a beautiful, caring hug to everyone, myself included 😘 – Bec