Somewhere, Under a Rainbow

Thank you Bernie for permission to share. We love feedback here at GOG. This rainbow blanket is just too gorgeous not to share.

It was so good that GOG could provide Bernie with a gorgeous blanket during her recovery after all the care and support she has given to GOG and many families and patients over the years in her professional roles. Thanks for being such an advocate of GOG. Special thanks to Jo for the delivery as well.

Thanks again to the GOG community, so that we can provide these beautiful gifts to make a difference in someone’s day.

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Finally at home, resting under a rainbow!

“There truly are such beautiful people in my life ❤️

Thank you sooooo much Kath and Good Omen Goodeze for this beautiful and welcome pressie ❤️

And the ever beautiful Joey for hand delivering it along with love rhubarb and bananas 👍😘

Feeling very spoiled ❤️”

ICU Feedback June

Just taking a moment to share how equally amazing Mary Barlow’s leadership and the GOG community are.
There are often special requests from nursing staff, social work, patients and families in other Canberra hospitals and TCH requesting GOG comfort care goods or gowns from Mission Stitchin for end of life care or long term patients. These requests are either made on the GOG FB page or calling ICU or the Foundation. Often these requests are for urgent specific purposes. Mary prioritizes her life and puts others first and always finds a way and resources to get the comfort care goods to patient care immediately. Often this goes unrecognized. Not today because
I thought I would shout out thanks to Mary and the kindness of the GOG community who support this amazing service to our patients in the Canberra community.


Great News! Sterlo has been Adopted!

Great News!
Sterlo has finally been adopted. He made the day of a die hard eels supporter.
Well done Thim for organizing this adoption.
I don’t think we will forget the joy on the face of the recipient for a long while

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Gogsters come in all shapes and sizes and this little guy proved to be a perfect fit for a patient that had neck surgery and had spent the last few days with a rolled up towel for neck support.

Not anymore thanks for the comfort and the giggle the patient said..

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Footy ‘Goodie Dolls’

The GOG fiddle toys are useful in many ways. They are used as comforters, distraction tools and fiddle toys for the young and elderly.

Recently one of our staff discovered that they also provide children comfort that are separated from a parent who is also a patient. We often send these toys home with the message that they are from mum or dad who are thinking about you at home.

Thanks GOGs for all you do!

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International Nurses Day

In honour of International Year of Nurses and Midwives, and to celebrate Nurses Day, GOG decided to mark this occasion during unprecedented times, with a special project.

The idea was to create an individual hand-stitched flower 🌺brooch to be presented to each nurse within ICU and infection control, to show our support and heartfelt gratitude for these selfless and hardworking members of our community.

Last week, Mary and Amanda were thrilled to be able to make the presentation to the ACT Chief Nurse, Denise Patterson, the Critical Care executive team including Executive Director, Lisa Gilmore, Assistant Director of Nursing, Gillian, Dr Bron, Dr Manoj, Genevieve and their wonderful team of nurses in the ICU.

The joy on the face of each nurse after choosing their special flower, was as they say ‘priceless’. Thank you to Kathleen for her support in this and to all the Goodeze who were eager to participate, and who managed to keep our little secret, despite so many of these ‘heroes’ being part of our GOG community on Facebook! 😊💖

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ICU Feedback May

Trystan is our resident Gogster adoption facilitator. This little guy found a home last night.

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International Nurses Day

Happy International Nurses Day.
Thank you so much to Mary and the GOG community for your kind donation of the beautiful poppies to commemorate 2020 Year of the Nurse. The ICU and Infection Control staff where so touched by your generosity. The feedback I’m receiving is overwhelming with most saying the poppy will be a very special keepsake and a reminder of how we all came together and supported each other in this extraordinary year.

Many have said they will wear the poppy every year on International Nurses Day. Thanks for thinking of us

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Zoom Working Bee 3 May

Once again, we had another fun as well as informative Zoom WB this afternoon! 🤩 It was great to see the projects that everyone’s been working on and to pass on some feedback we’ve had recently.

Our special guest star today was Chris Odell. For those who don’t know, Chris is a former ICU patient who regularly joins us to chat about his GOG experience. He’s a passionate and inspiring Goodie himself these days, and it’s a real treat to have him join us when he can. To thank him for giving up his afternoon to join us today, Robin decided to give him the honour of choosing the next BOM colour theme! We all look forward to seeing his BOM square at the next Zoom WB! 😉

I’ve recorded our little chat and will put it up on our facebook page for those members who couldn’t attend today and who may interested in hearing his amazing story. 😁 Thanks Chris and everyone who joined us today. It was great to see you all!! 🥰

A Conversation with Chris!

Zoom Stitch In!

Here are just a few of the Goodeze who popped in and joined us at our Zoom Working Bee this afternoon! 🤩 Along with the usual catch up and show and tell, we had Kath drop by from ‘down on the farm’ as our special guest to enlighten us on the GOG gifting process. We videoed the ‘interview’ which will be uploaded on the next few days. We were introduced to everyone’s cute crochet companions 🐈🐕🦜and to Zoe’s newest hobby, sourdough baking! 🍞😄 Thanks for joining us today, and I hope to have another special guest join in a fortnight’s time. 😉 💜💚

ICU Feedback April

Thank you GOGs for this little Gogster that a Granddad in hospital gave to his little Grandson to make him feel safe and special when coming in to visit.
Your kindness makes a difference.

Dear Mary, Gog Leadership and the GOG Community,
We know you are working hard in self isolation and we appreciate your kind thoughts and messages to all our staff.

We also appreciate the work you do in supporting patient care.
Please take care of yourselves and your families and each other in self isolation.

ICU Easter Bunny!

Thanks GOGs for your Easter Goodies.
The patients were thrilled to get them especially when delivered by the Easter Bunny.

I would like to thank you for the lovely blanket given to my grandma. It has given her many hours of joy and comfort ❤️ – Max n Gloria

Dear GOGs
Just letting you know that I recieved feedback from a family of how grateful they where of the blanket that was donated by GOG for end of life care.
Thankyou for all you do for others.