Somewhere, Under a Rainbow

Thank you Bernie for permission to share. We love feedback here at GOG. This rainbow blanket is just too gorgeous not to share.

It was so good that GOG could provide Bernie with a gorgeous blanket during her recovery after all the care and support she has given to GOG and many families and patients over the years in her professional roles. Thanks for being such an advocate of GOG. Special thanks to Jo for the delivery as well.

Thanks again to the GOG community, so that we can provide these beautiful gifts to make a difference in someone’s day.

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Finally at home, resting under a rainbow!

“There truly are such beautiful people in my life ❤️

Thank you sooooo much Kath and Good Omen Goodeze for this beautiful and welcome pressie ❤️

And the ever beautiful Joey for hand delivering it along with love rhubarb and bananas 👍😘

Feeling very spoiled ❤️”

ICU November Feedback

Hey Mr Tangerine Man!

Here is some lovely Feedback!
Unfortunately one of our lovely staff members dad Derek required an urgent and life saving operation and an ICU admission interstate.
This little Gogster was assigned the job of making his recovery a little bit easier and now they are home and are quite the bonded pair.
This was a screenshot of a video in which Derek is saying thank you for your kindness. All the best for your recovery Derek
Thank you to Team GOG! Xx

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Rainbows Rule!

What a wonderful way to make a difference to people’s lives you GOG’s folk make😊 You brought care and special gifts for a long term patient who was so happy to receive them. His amazing socks were much admired wherever we went in the hospital😃.
So a huge thank you to you all and the special Kathleen! 😍🤩🙏💥

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GOG Drops off it’s First Pink BOM!

Thank you GOGs for this amazing ‘Block of the Month’ (BOM) blanket that you all contributed to, making it very special.
We are keeping it aside for when that special person comes along.

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GOGs First Pink Block of the Month Blanket! (BOM) A wonderful initiative that all members have thoroughly enjoyed contributing to!

Remembrance Day

Dear GOGS,
This week Poppy came along and helped us to acknowledge Remembrance Day. We know all the Gogsters are special but we decided to keep Poppy aside for a veteran or a defense worker. In the meantime Poppy will hang out with Tanya in the social work office waiting for that special person.

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Rainbow Bear

This gorgeous little rainbow bear was adopted by a little girl doing it tough
Thank you GOGs! X

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Inaugural Block of the Month Blanket

Thank you to all of the makers from the bottom of my heart.  The 36 tiles and the stitcher make me think of stories they were thinking when crocheting, “will I put this colour with that”, “what design is my tile” and what all these people might be doing in their day.  It’s just such a great distraction to an otherwise horrible experience.  When you go into surgery you leave your clothes in a bag.  You’re stripped bare, put your faith into the surgeons and hope Lady Luck is on your side.  It takes the edge off a very raw and blunt experience where you have to claw back from base of basics. 

Thanks Mary and the team, you are sensational!!!  Oh, and I did not know that I could rock pink so well!!  Chris

Printed with permission.

Dogs and GOGS

Two of my favorite projects Dogs and GOGs 😊 it is so wonderful to offer this sort of support to our patients and families thank you everyone who make is possible, we couldn’t do it without your acts of kindness 😘 – Carly

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Gogster Goodness

We just keep learning why patients love these gogsters and pillows.
Yesterday a patient was telling me how much she missed her cat sitting on her bed.
How she missed that pressure feeling on her legs and reaching down to feel soft fur that would give a feeling of comfort and protection.
I thought she would be a great candidate for the cat pillow that unfortunately I don’t have a photo of but attached is a picture of Joel who loves giving the Gogsters out.
Guess what it was a complete hit.
It reminds us how important our pets are to our sense of wellbeing.
She referred to the pillow of giving her some solace until she gets home.
The tactile design, the colour and the big contented cat face was a winner

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GOG Love

I have been meaning to post a message here…😍🥰😍

Last week I had the pleasure of caring for a wonderful person who was incredibly unwell. I felt so privileged to care for him, and to fold and place the chosen blanket and crocheted toy on him each time I turned him and provided pressure area care/skin care. Each time I did it, I placed the beautiful, thoughtful knitted goods aside, did his personal cares and took giant pride as I placed them back on him; knowing that his children would hold the items after he passed away, and how important these items will be in the future. I hope the beautifully crafted goods provide solace to his children for many years to come. Thank you Gogsters; for providing a beautiful, caring hug to everyone, myself included 😘 – Bec

ICU Feedback – October

Therapy Pillow Slips

20 Oct – The staff love the pillow slips that are filled with towels and act as splints to support wounds for deep breathing and coughing.
Thanks GoGs! x

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Mr Bojangles!

20 Oct – Today Mr Bojangles met his perfect match.
It was love at first sight.
Another successful Gogster adoption.
Thank you GOGs!

Gogster Adoption

17 Oct– This little guy was adopted.
I have been asked to pass on this message from the patient who adopted this Gogster with consent.

“I have not experienced such kindness from others in a long time. I can not remember when I last received a gift. I want to thank the people who volunteer to bring such a random act of care and kindness to someone they have never met.”

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Claire’s Presentation to Foundation Team

2 Oct – Today Claire gave a wonderful presentation to the Foundation Team of how we use the comfort goods to complement the delivery of patient care. It’s a great example of our partnership with GOG and how we are all part of a big team. Today we where reminded of that when a family spoke of how the comfort goods made a difference to their loved one’s hospital experience.

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ICU Feedback – September

Cool Cannula Covers!

29 Sept – Today I was approached by our trauma CNC and 2 medical staff looking for cannula sleeves. The feedback received was that these sleeves help prevent agitated patients from pulling out a cannula that may have taken a long time to insert. Recanullation of agitated patients adds more stress to an already stressed patient. In addition predisposes them to more infection risks.
This sleeve pictured kept a cannula safe and comforted a patient by its soft textured wool and the colour distracted them from plucking to stroking.
Thank you GoGs! – Kath

‘Zeb’ the ‘Dogster’!

25 Sept – The recipient of ‘Zeb’ wished that I pass on her gratitude to everyone involved in creating a Gogster who resembled her dog that she has been away from for so long and misses dearly. Thank you GOGs! – Dana

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to bring something special into patient’s lives and for passing on this feedback in your busy day, it helps inspire us to keep creating. I’m just so happy to know that Zeb the Gogster has brought some joy … there really is love in every stitch of the ‘Goodeze’ this group creates. – Barbara

Beautiful Blankets!

18 September – When a patient cant choose which blanket they like the most, Nathan and Arnie are happy to model. This photo was taken on our balcony.

It’s very important for our long term patients to go outside in the natural light for whole lot of reasons. Thanks to the blankets, beanies, shawls and scarfs our patients stay longer on the balcony on these cold Canberra days for a good dose of Sunshine. – Kath

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Meet Grandma Sunshine!

September 15 – Adopted today and will from now on will be referred to as Grandma Sunshine. – Kath

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Goodie Dolls Galore!

14 September – These fiddle toys have so many uses. They are used to comfort children, distract during procedures, provide a confused patient with a source of sensory outlet rather then pulling at lines.
We give then to children visiting patients in our unit that are feeling overwhelmed. We give them to patients just having a bad day and need a little positive mascot to cheer them up. Dina found the perfect person to give this one too. – Kath

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GoGs and Dogs!

8 September – How lucky was the ICU Team today! A visit from the GOGs and DOGs. Mary from ‘GOG’ and Pat from ‘Mission Stitchin” dropping off comfort care goods and Ruby and Amanda from Delta doing their Sunday rounds. – Kath

GoG ICU Feedback – August

29 August – Am always struck by the difference the gowns make. Discharged a beautiful woman who has been in ICU for a very long time. Felt so proud when the ward staff said how lovely was the gown. Now what you stitching knitting fabulous people need to appreciate, is the the humanising effect the gowns have particularly on a disorientated patient with deletion. It was also great to see this woman fiddle constantly with the fiddle toys you provide.  Thanks again. – Tess

28 August – Imagine this …. when I asked a young granny who knew she was going to die what was important to her, she said her young 3 year old granddaughter, a lobster last meal, being comfortable and warm, family and Carlton football team. 
It’s very moving hear her name the Gogster for the child, sit comfortably and warm under the pink knitted GOG blanket, in a lovely Mission Stitchin’ yellow gown, surrounded by family. I wrote memories from her childhood on hand made watercolour cards and placed them in a memory box with a lock of her hair. 
A beautiful death made so special by the GOGs. 
Keep knitting. It makes a difference to people that words could never describe but I see it in their eyes … and I can imagine it in the future eyes of a little grandchild holding memories of a treasured granny cuddling a Gogster and reading her granny’s favourite Magic Faraway Tree. – Tess

27 August – It’s not only the patients that love a GOG blanket! – Kath

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No photo description available.

25 August – Vince our physio is loving the comfort pillows. Not only do they give comfort but they are highly functional in aiding deep breathing and coughing, by acting as a post operative splint to a wound and preventing pneumonia.
Great work GOGs ! – Kath

14 August – Dr Manoj is a big fan of the GOGs and all they do to enhance the patient experience. – Kath

13 August – Jane our Pallative Care Co ordinator has definitely got the GOG bug.
She often gifts a GOG blanket to the patients in her care.
Today the beautiful blanket was chosen with care and love.

11 August – Thank you GoGs for all your hard work making the beautiful comfort care goods.
Today I restocked our cupboards from your working bee.
On behalf of our staff we really value the time and effort you put into every item.
These goods compliment the exemplary care we try to achieve.
Thank you from all of us in ICU.

Amanda – It’s a delight to make items for an organisation that’s so organised (thank you, Mary Barlow!) and that’s giving us real time feedback (Kath and Tess etc). It makes all the difference!

9 August – Our lovely Nurse Manager Lola gifted the beautiful heart pillow to a patient having surgery on his Birthday.
It certainly made him smile!

4 August – Miss Lolly was officially adopted this week by a young man who told me Miss Lolly was Sponge Bob Square Pants Nana.
He was taking her home to look after his Sponge Bob!

No photo description available.

4 August – ‘Twinkle’ was adopted today and complemented this beautiful purple blanket that captured the eye of it’s new recipient.This lovely lady was having a bad day and feeling very sad and lonely being far from her home. A visit with Ruby and a touch of GOG magic with a little Twinkle changed her mood. Just laughed at Twinkle and loved her purple blanket and beanie so much.
She said just seeing colour and sparkle lifted her mood.
Well done team  X

4 August – Visiting the patients on our therapy dog round we meet many patients who wanted to feedback their gratitude to the GOGs.
The lovely lady that received this blanket has been making blankets for the Neonatal Intensive Care unit for nearly 20 years but this was the first time in her life she has received a knitted blanket.
As a fellow crafter she shared the message of how important it is to feedback to the volunteers and it’s the staff feedback from the NICU that has kept her knitting for 20 years.
She loved the blue colours in this blanket and wanted to pass on her appreciation.
Looks like Ruby likes it too. X

GoG ICU Feedback – July

Grateful for the head warming red and white beanie for a patient that made it thru the op, and thru the night…..
Pale but looking almost pink with the beanie on. 
Am always struck the effect of the beanies, not only for warmth, but for their effect on me : There lies a unique human being. 
Placing a hat on a patient, particularly if they are bald always moves me.  And as a nurse there is something profound about covering a cold naked head in a very, very ill person. …. something about an act of hope that almost puts them on the living side of the line……
…… passing on the love to the lovely GOGS. – Tess

As a Goodie, I think I grasp that. So important for us to keep putting love and care and LIFE into every stitch we create. This it’s why I appreciate Mary encouraging members to make what they love as opposed to working to a set agenda. – Amanda

Amanda make what you love.
It will always find it’s way to the right person.
– Kath

I deliberated when choosing the ‘best fit’ blanket for an incredible young man facing huge challenges.  I looked for his football colours and ‘manly’ colours. I settled on a beautiful throw with pink as it’s central colour 🤔. Unnecessarily nervous with my choice of colour I approached the family. They were so grateful, “he loves any colour”. 
Thank you for bringing colour to a beautiful soul deserving of colour.
  – Joe

Just some feedback from a grateful family who were very appreciative of the gift of this blanket which they will forever cherish.
Thank you GoGs for making a difference to the care we give. – Kath

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Love this blanket and what it represents! Squares joined together from so many different people, known and unknown to create comfort and a keepsake for a family we’ll never know, but feel forever connected to. Thank you to all involved in it’s creation! 💖💕 – Mary

Beautiful Blues

30 June – Gifted this beautiful royal blue and light blue blanket today to the most lovely man. He has had a long hospital admission. He was so gracious about receiving the blanket and he wanted to relay how important volunteering is to the community and what a difference these hand made gifts are to the human soul and spirit in vulnerable times.

He said to me that the GOGs represent to him caring, community and connections. – Kath

No photo description available.
Kathleen, that is such precious feedback! Thank you to you and all the other staff who comment for keeping us at GoG updated with patient comments and feedback. It fuels our tanks and inspires more ideas and new projects. ❤ – Amanda

That’s beautifully said Kath , thank you for all the kindness, an to those whom make such wonderful things. – Pete

Write that response in Gold! – Tess