Current Donation Requests

Items in need currently are:

Men’s blankets

Footy team colours are always a huge hit!

Adult size beanies (Men’s and Women’s)

Beanies of any style and colour, knitted or crocheted

Slippers/bed socks (Adult sizes)

Adult sized knitted or crocheted beds socks – These beds socks provide extra warmth at a time when it is difficult for patients to maintain their body temperature.

Shawls and Scarves

Twisty Shawls or scarves – These give long term ICU and Aged Care patients with the opportunity to stay warm when they are taken out onto the ICU Balcony in the cooler months.


Gogsters – Our Gogsters help provide comfort care to patients. We find that the different textures of wool and different tones of colour are a great source of comfort for patients seeking sensory calm in an overwhelming technical ward. The Gogsters help calm patients as they run their hands over the different variations of wool.