GoG ICU Feedback – August

29 August – Am always struck by the difference the gowns make. Discharged a beautiful woman who has been in ICU for a very long time. Felt so proud when the ward staff said how lovely was the gown. Now what you stitching knitting fabulous people need to appreciate, is the the humanising effect the gowns have particularly on a disorientated patient with deletion. It was also great to see this woman fiddle constantly with the fiddle toys you provide.  Thanks again. – Tess

28 August – Imagine this …. when I asked a young granny who knew she was going to die what was important to her, she said her young 3 year old granddaughter, a lobster last meal, being comfortable and warm, family and Carlton football team. 
It’s very moving hear her name the Gogster for the child, sit comfortably and warm under the pink knitted GOG blanket, in a lovely Mission Stitchin’ yellow gown, surrounded by family. I wrote memories from her childhood on hand made watercolour cards and placed them in a memory box with a lock of her hair. 
A beautiful death made so special by the GOGs. 
Keep knitting. It makes a difference to people that words could never describe but I see it in their eyes … and I can imagine it in the future eyes of a little grandchild holding memories of a treasured granny cuddling a Gogster and reading her granny’s favourite Magic Faraway Tree. – Tess

27 August – It’s not only the patients that love a GOG blanket! – Kath

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25 August – Vince our physio is loving the comfort pillows. Not only do they give comfort but they are highly functional in aiding deep breathing and coughing, by acting as a post operative splint to a wound and preventing pneumonia.
Great work GOGs ! – Kath

14 August – Dr Manoj is a big fan of the GOGs and all they do to enhance the patient experience. – Kath

13 August – Jane our Pallative Care Co ordinator has definitely got the GOG bug.
She often gifts a GOG blanket to the patients in her care.
Today the beautiful blanket was chosen with care and love.

11 August – Thank you GoGs for all your hard work making the beautiful comfort care goods.
Today I restocked our cupboards from your working bee.
On behalf of our staff we really value the time and effort you put into every item.
These goods compliment the exemplary care we try to achieve.
Thank you from all of us in ICU.

Amanda – It’s a delight to make items for an organisation that’s so organised (thank you, Mary Barlow!) and that’s giving us real time feedback (Kath and Tess etc). It makes all the difference!

9 August – Our lovely Nurse Manager Lola gifted the beautiful heart pillow to a patient having surgery on his Birthday.
It certainly made him smile!

4 August – Miss Lolly was officially adopted this week by a young man who told me Miss Lolly was Sponge Bob Square Pants Nana.
He was taking her home to look after his Sponge Bob!

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4 August – ‘Twinkle’ was adopted today and complemented this beautiful purple blanket that captured the eye of it’s new recipient.This lovely lady was having a bad day and feeling very sad and lonely being far from her home. A visit with Ruby and a touch of GOG magic with a little Twinkle changed her mood. Just laughed at Twinkle and loved her purple blanket and beanie so much.
She said just seeing colour and sparkle lifted her mood.
Well done team  X

4 August – Visiting the patients on our therapy dog round we meet many patients who wanted to feedback their gratitude to the GOGs.
The lovely lady that received this blanket has been making blankets for the Neonatal Intensive Care unit for nearly 20 years but this was the first time in her life she has received a knitted blanket.
As a fellow crafter she shared the message of how important it is to feedback to the volunteers and it’s the staff feedback from the NICU that has kept her knitting for 20 years.
She loved the blue colours in this blanket and wanted to pass on her appreciation.
Looks like Ruby likes it too. X

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