GOG Inventory and Cataloging

Doing inventory is quite a job! 🤯 Each item its photographed, then the photo is uploaded to the cloud where it’s link is copied and embedded on the spreadsheet next to the donor’s name for permanent record and future reference. Massive THANK YOU for all the initials on your tags!! You save us hours of guessing and texting back and forward! 💕💕

When two of us work together it’s much faster, since one drives the laptop and the other takes photos and moves stock from the bench (to enter) to the table (complete, ready for sorting and packing). We’ve grown exponentially over the last year and have gone from cataloging 10 items after a working bee, to often over 60 in the past few months! So a huge thank you from me to Amanda. You have made this ever growing task more manageable and enjoyable.

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