GoG Working Bee and House Warming!

On the 30th of June GoG moved into our new digs at the University of Canberra Hospital in Bruce! The following is a roundup of the day! 😊

There’s an advantage to being a member of GOG; you can share in a wonderful afternoon of chatting, creating and coffee in a very comfortable room at the University Hospital.😊

Outside might have been cold and grey, but today GOG members were very warm while finishing projects and sharing creative ideas with each other at our inaugural Working Bee at UCH.

At the end of our session we were gifted several blankets, comfort toys, Gogsters, beanies and socks from our members. It was wonderful to see so many members, old and new and all of your amazing work! We continue to grow in strength because of your dedication and creativity and the generosity of those who support us in our endeavours. 💖

Thank you especially to Danielle from UCH for her assistance with arranging our new digs! 

Goodeze one and all! 😆 Goodeze …Goody, goody, yum, yum! 😉😆💕💖

The Goodeze…. goody goody yum yum! 😉😆😉💖
Amanda our Crochet Guru! 💕
Love the teaching and learning that goes on at our WB’s. 💜💜
The girls hard at work! Thanks to Wendy, Vicki and my beautiful Zo for all their help setting up. 💖💕
Where are you going with those Goodies Wendy! 🤔😆💕💖
Leanne with ‘Kip’, started on Knit in Public Day! 😍
Robin with her gorgeous goodies and her very special Gogster ‘Maria’. 💖
One of our lovely new members, Robyn and her gorgeous shawl! 💜
Sarjit with one of the two beautiful blankets made by the students of Campbell High. 💕
Everyone snug and warm and enjoying the atmosphere!

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