ICU Feedback – March

17 March – Great news today
One of our Gogsters was adopted today. 
A lovely Irish Man received this beautiful green blanket and was absolutely thrilled.
Thank you Gogs!

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18 March – Many thanks to the stitching group who provided gowns for two long term patients. ‘She’ was having a bad day, being told some poor news. As is the plight of being so sick, she has no choice in so much of what happens BUT, that day she was able to choose three gowns. One empowering moment in months of no choice .

Then there was the young disabled man who had been so sick for so long. He flashed the biggest smile choosing a fabulous gown and a coloured perfect cotton ‘throw’ to match.  Big difference to his day. Family to visit the next day. Wish I could have been there. Tess

“I saw them yesterday in their gowns and they looked fabulous and the lady said she felt fabulous. Thank you GOGs and Mission Stitchin'”. Kath

18 March – Some more feedback about the gowns.
The staff gifted 3 beautiful gowns and a pink blanket to a long term patient today who was having a very down day. It just transformed her emotional state and has given her a positive outlook in days. Don’t underestimate the power of GOG! – Kath

19 March – Great news!
Another Gogster Adoption!
Thanks to Josh and Trin for organizing it. The recipient has had a long admission with many complications and was having a bad day. That all changed when this lovable Gogster came along.
Thank you GOGs – Kath

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26 March – The ACT Nurse of the Year Jo, pictured with NG and Sunil just love the gowns and report back that they make patients feel so good after long hospitalizations. Looks like Jo has found a special patient to receive these gowns. Thankyou Gogs and Mission Stitchin’. Kath Xx

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31 March – Dr Bron restocking the comfort care Goodeze in ICU today 
Thank you Gogs for all you do for us and our patients in ICU.  – Kath Xx

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