GoG ICU Feedback – July

Grateful for the head warming red and white beanie for a patient that made it thru the op, and thru the night…..
Pale but looking almost pink with the beanie on. 
Am always struck the effect of the beanies, not only for warmth, but for their effect on me : There lies a unique human being. 
Placing a hat on a patient, particularly if they are bald always moves me.  And as a nurse there is something profound about covering a cold naked head in a very, very ill person. …. something about an act of hope that almost puts them on the living side of the line……
…… passing on the love to the lovely GOGS. – Tess

As a Goodie, I think I grasp that. So important for us to keep putting love and care and LIFE into every stitch we create. This it’s why I appreciate Mary encouraging members to make what they love as opposed to working to a set agenda. – Amanda

Amanda make what you love.
It will always find it’s way to the right person.
– Kath

I deliberated when choosing the ‘best fit’ blanket for an incredible young man facing huge challenges.  I looked for his football colours and ‘manly’ colours. I settled on a beautiful throw with pink as it’s central colour 🤔. Unnecessarily nervous with my choice of colour I approached the family. They were so grateful, “he loves any colour”. 
Thank you for bringing colour to a beautiful soul deserving of colour.
  – Joe

Just some feedback from a grateful family who were very appreciative of the gift of this blanket which they will forever cherish.
Thank you GoGs for making a difference to the care we give. – Kath

Image may contain: stripes
Love this blanket and what it represents! Squares joined together from so many different people, known and unknown to create comfort and a keepsake for a family we’ll never know, but feel forever connected to. Thank you to all involved in it’s creation! 💖💕 – Mary

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