ICU November Feedback

Hey Mr Tangerine Man!

Here is some lovely Feedback!
Unfortunately one of our lovely staff members dad Derek required an urgent and life saving operation and an ICU admission interstate.
This little Gogster was assigned the job of making his recovery a little bit easier and now they are home and are quite the bonded pair.
This was a screenshot of a video in which Derek is saying thank you for your kindness. All the best for your recovery Derek
Thank you to Team GOG! Xx

Rainbows Rule!

What a wonderful way to make a difference to people’s lives you GOG’s folk make😊 You brought care and special gifts for a long term patient who was so happy to receive them. His amazing socks were much admired wherever we went in the hospital😃.
So a huge thank you to you all and the special Kathleen! 😍🤩🙏💥

GOG Drops off it’s First Pink BOM!

Thank you GOGs for this amazing ‘Block of the Month’ (BOM) blanket that you all contributed to, making it very special.
We are keeping it aside for when that special person comes along.

GOGs First Pink Block of the Month Blanket! (BOM) A wonderful initiative that all members have thoroughly enjoyed contributing to!

Remembrance Day

Dear GOGS,
This week Poppy came along and helped us to acknowledge Remembrance Day. We know all the Gogsters are special but we decided to keep Poppy aside for a veteran or a defense worker. In the meantime Poppy will hang out with Tanya in the social work office waiting for that special person.

Rainbow Bear

This gorgeous little rainbow bear was adopted by a little girl doing it tough
Thank you GOGs! X

Inaugural Block of the Month Blanket

Thank you to all of the makers from the bottom of my heart.  The 36 tiles and the stitcher make me think of stories they were thinking when crocheting, “will I put this colour with that”, “what design is my tile” and what all these people might be doing in their day.  It’s just such a great distraction to an otherwise horrible experience.  When you go into surgery you leave your clothes in a bag.  You’re stripped bare, put your faith into the surgeons and hope Lady Luck is on your side.  It takes the edge off a very raw and blunt experience where you have to claw back from base of basics. 

Thanks Mary and the team, you are sensational!!!  Oh, and I did not know that I could rock pink so well!!  Chris

Printed with permission.

Dogs and GOGS

Two of my favorite projects Dogs and GOGs 😊 it is so wonderful to offer this sort of support to our patients and families thank you everyone who make is possible, we couldn’t do it without your acts of kindness 😘 – Carly

Gogster Goodness

We just keep learning why patients love these gogsters and pillows.
Yesterday a patient was telling me how much she missed her cat sitting on her bed. How she missed that pressure feeling on her legs and reaching down to feel soft fur that would give a feeling of comfort and protection. I thought she would be a great candidate for the cat pillow, that unfortunately I don’t have a photo of, but attached is a picture of Joel who loves giving the Gogsters out.

Guess what it was a complete hit! It reminds us how important our pets are to our sense of wellbeing. She referred to the pillow of giving her some solace until she gets home. The tactile design, the colour and the big contented cat face was a winner!

GOG Love

I have been meaning to post a message here…😍🥰😍

Last week I had the pleasure of caring for a wonderful person who was incredibly unwell. I felt so privileged to care for him, and to fold and place the chosen blanket and crocheted toy on him each time I turned him and provided pressure area care/skin care. Each time I did it, I placed the beautiful, thoughtful knitted goods aside, did his personal cares and took giant pride as I placed them back on him; knowing that his children would hold the items after he passed away, and how important these items will be in the future. I hope the beautifully crafted goods provide solace to his children for many years to come. Thank you Gogsters; for providing a beautiful, caring hug to everyone, myself included 😘 – Bec

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