It’s GoG-tober!

Wendy and I had the pleasure of delivering these treasures to Kim and Catherine at the Canberra Hospital Foundation yesterday afternoon. Thank you to all the Goodeze, the hard working volunteers from across Canberra young and old, who made this latest batch possible. Also, thank you to anyone who donated materials or supported GoG during this process in other ways. 💞💖😁

Goodeze Gratitude Post

12 October – I need to make some heartfelt thanks to some very generous people for donating materials so that some amazing Goodeze could be created! Here’s a sample of some wonderful new “treasures” ready to be delivered! 💜💕 Thank you so much to Deanne Barnes, Olivia Flannagan,  Vicki Nunn and Janet Polly McKinney and to some special anonymous donors. 💗💕

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to making these beautiful items. Thank you for all your time, effort and cost that you put into these items. That really do make a positive impact on the patient experience – Kath

UC Hiroshima University Student Visit

6 October – Recently a group of student nurses and educators from Hiroshima Uni were participating in a study tour at UC. I was chuffed to be asked to give a short presentation at the welcome lunch at the School of Nursing on my connection with Japan and my volunteer work, particularly with GoG and how that connects to health care in the ACT. Thanks to Hillory for the invite and Tess for coming along to support me and GoG. 😊 💜