Campbell High Student Donations

Among all the beautifully and lovingly crafted ‘Goodies’ we received on the weekend, I was delighted to receive almost 20 beanies that were made and donated by the students at Campbell High School! I was so impressed with their work and look forward to meeting them all next week and seeing some of their new projects! 😁 A huge thank you to Sarjit who has taken on the job of getting ‘GoG off the ground’ at Campbell High as part of their Enrichment Program! 💜 I look forward to us setting up more of these programs throughout the year!

GoG Working Bee – 23 March

Well, I’ve finally finished unloading the car and unpacking all the Goodies we received today at our first GoG stitch-together at the Belconnen Soccer club!😉

Another wonderful turnout!! Thank you to all our members who made it such a fun and successful day! 💖

So much love and compassion in one room, all focused on one thing, “Creating warmth and comfort for those in need, one stitch at a time!”

We were also incredibly lucky to have Chris join us, whose story was the inspiration behind our name and provided the passion to sustain and grow our group in the early days through till now. Thank you for joining us and sharing your thoughts and your story. You are truly inspiring, and a great knitter too! 😉 💖💜

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What’s in a name….?

When someone finds out about GoG, they often say to me, “I wish I could help out, but I can’t crochet” or “I’m not a very good knitter”, or something similar….so I thought I’d share this photo and short story. 🙂

This is one of the very first beanies I’d ever knitted. Nothing special to look at, band not quite tight enough and maybe a bit wonky, but this beanie helped save a life, inspired me and my best mates to keep knitting and eventually gifted this group it’s name!

The seriously ill gentleman who was gifted this beanie needed it to maintain his body temperature in ICU. When his sister walked into the room, this wonky beanie took centre stage and she remarked “That’s the same beanie Pop used to wear….this is such a good omen!” When I spoke to her many months later, she told me that, “the Beanie gave us hope when there was none.”

I am now connected to this lovely gentleman and his family in a very special way. If you’d like the chance to create your own wonky but very special beanie or blanket, come join the Goodeze at one of our GoG Working Bees! We’d love to help out with any advice or support, as well as give you the opportunity to have a laugh and get creative with some real life ‘Goodies’ in our community! 😁💕

GoG Quality Improvement Project

Today I felt privileged to be invited in to meet with the Quality Improvement Team and Dr Bronwyn Avard, Director of ICU, to talk about the possibility of a QI project to be conducted within the ICU. It was a very positive meeting with many ideas being discussed. I look forward to moving forward and hope to relay further good news in the near future.

Thank you to Tess and Kath once again for your amazing support and positivity and to Dr Avard for giving us some of her very precious time.

We had a big brain storm in icu today on how we could do a quality improvement project on the comfort goods that the GOGs make.
Here’s Mary with Tess and Dr Bronwyn Avard the Director of ICU 
We will keep you all posted. xx 
Kathleen Cook

ICU Feedback – March

17 March – Great news today
One of our Gogsters was adopted today. 
A lovely Irish Man received this beautiful green blanket and was absolutely thrilled.
Thank you Gogs!

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18 March – Many thanks to the stitching group who provided gowns for two long term patients. ‘She’ was having a bad day, being told some poor news. As is the plight of being so sick, she has no choice in so much of what happens BUT, that day she was able to choose three gowns. One empowering moment in months of no choice .

Then there was the young disabled man who had been so sick for so long. He flashed the biggest smile choosing a fabulous gown and a coloured perfect cotton ‘throw’ to match.  Big difference to his day. Family to visit the next day. Wish I could have been there. Tess

“I saw them yesterday in their gowns and they looked fabulous and the lady said she felt fabulous. Thank you GOGs and Mission Stitchin'”. Kath

18 March – Some more feedback about the gowns.
The staff gifted 3 beautiful gowns and a pink blanket to a long term patient today who was having a very down day. It just transformed her emotional state and has given her a positive outlook in days. Don’t underestimate the power of GOG! – Kath

19 March – Great news!
Another Gogster Adoption!
Thanks to Josh and Trin for organizing it. The recipient has had a long admission with many complications and was having a bad day. That all changed when this lovable Gogster came along.
Thank you GOGs – Kath

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26 March – The ACT Nurse of the Year Jo, pictured with NG and Sunil just love the gowns and report back that they make patients feel so good after long hospitalizations. Looks like Jo has found a special patient to receive these gowns. Thankyou Gogs and Mission Stitchin’. Kath Xx

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31 March – Dr Bron restocking the comfort care Goodeze in ICU today 
Thank you Gogs for all you do for us and our patients in ICU.  – Kath Xx

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10 March – This year’s first batch of beautiful Goodies lovingly created by the SFX Woolverines! The group has grown in number this year to include Yr 9 and Yr 10 students!

The students decided they’d like to take on ‘The Gogsters’ wholeheartedly and have done an amazing job! These child sized Gogsters will be an enormous success I’m sure!

Thank you so much to Sue for her continued passion for the project and the Woolverines for their enthusiasm and continued contributions!! 🌹💞💖

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Spotlight Donation

Gratitude Post!! 💜 
A huge thank you to Quentin and the team at Spotlight for an overwhelming donation of materials to GoG that arrived yesterday! Gorgeous yarn in a multitude of colours, fabric for gowns as well as a Spotlight gift card! Your amazing generosity will allow our team to bring comfort on many levels, to patients and their families in their time of need. Thanks also to Jan and Brooke for making this happen, you’re both amazing!
💞💝💕 from Mary and the ‘Grateful GoGs’ !!

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