GoG Working Bee – 22 September Roundup

What another amazing GOG working bee! 🤩 On a beautiful Spring afternoon it was lovely to see so many people (including some new members) come along and spend an afternoon of creating, learning, sharing, cake (yes we had cake this time … thanks Amanda😍) and, more than just a bit of laughter … we were even able to open the doors and ‘overflow’ into the courtyard. Special thanks too, to those who made the effort to pop in to drop off their Goodies. 💕

If we thought the last working bee saw a mountain of Goodies, then this was an even BIGGER mountain! There is so much love and creativity in all the Goodies created that it is an absolute delight to be able to pass them on to the hospital. The generosity and skills of our growing group is mind blowing! 😍

It was so exciting to see the first contributions to our new “Colour of the Month” project. The wonderful assortment of pink crocheted and knitted squares handed in already, has Robin and Amanda rubbing their hands with glee as to how they might be able to put them together and wondering just how many blankets we’ll end up making given the amazing response to this challenge so far. 🥰 Remember to keep an eye out for Robin’s posts on the project and keep in mind the basic requirements … pink 8ply acrylic in 15cm squares of any design or shade, you can be as basic, or as adventuress as you like. I know a number of us are using this project as a way to challenge ourselves to try something new, but don’t shy away from ‘old favourites’ like the traditional granny square.

Thank you for putting your heart and soul into everything that you do to make a difference to members of our local community in need. You’re all wonderful examples of “being the best we can 🐝”….right Robin Szczepanik! 😉💖💖

Footy Colours

Good morning Goodeze! 😁 We often receives special requests for ‘footy blankets’ from staff within the ICU and other critical care areas within the hospital. These colourful blankets are extremely popular with both men and women. The charts below show NRL team and AFL team colours. Choose colours you love and have fun creating different patterns and designs! We have several different packs made up already for those wanting to start a rug.😊

If there are any amazing Goodeze out there that would like to contribute by donating yarn, we are currently running very low in white, black, red and green yarn. If you would like to make a donation, please contact us regarding drop off points. Thank you for all you do for GoG!😍💕💖

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Block of the Month!

We have decided to include block of the month into our busy schedules.

If you wish to participate, you will complete a block and bring it/send it to a Goodeze working bee during that month. The blocks will be put together to make a blanket (many hands make light work).

Each month will have a colour theme. We are beginning in October with PINK to connect with our Pink Ribbon ‘Feast’ that we will be holding to raise funds for the Breast Cancer Foundation.

We ask you to adhere to the following guidelines so that all the blocks will fit together easily
* the completed block should measure 15cm x 15cm
* the block can be crocheted or knitted
* use 8 ply acrylic yarn
* your block can be any design but, MUST be 15 cm square
* the block can be any shade of the colour chosen for that month

Enjoy! I cannot wait to see what you creative, caring folk come up with!

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ICU Feedback – September

Cool Cannula Covers!

29 Sept – Today I was approached by our trauma CNC and 2 medical staff looking for cannula sleeves. The feedback received was that these sleeves help prevent agitated patients from pulling out a cannula that may have taken a long time to insert. Recanullation of agitated patients adds more stress to an already stressed patient. In addition predisposes them to more infection risks.
This sleeve pictured kept a cannula safe and comforted a patient by its soft textured wool and the colour distracted them from plucking to stroking.
Thank you GoGs! – Kath

‘Zeb’ the ‘Dogster’!

25 Sept – The recipient of ‘Zeb’ wished that I pass on her gratitude to everyone involved in creating a Gogster who resembled her dog that she has been away from for so long and misses dearly. Thank you GOGs! – Dana

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to bring something special into patient’s lives and for passing on this feedback in your busy day, it helps inspire us to keep creating. I’m just so happy to know that Zeb the Gogster has brought some joy … there really is love in every stitch of the ‘Goodeze’ this group creates. – Barbara

Beautiful Blankets!

18 September – When a patient cant choose which blanket they like the most, Nathan and Arnie are happy to model. This photo was taken on our balcony.

It’s very important for our long term patients to go outside in the natural light for whole lot of reasons. Thanks to the blankets, beanies, shawls and scarfs our patients stay longer on the balcony on these cold Canberra days for a good dose of Sunshine. – Kath

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Meet Grandma Sunshine!

September 15 – Adopted today and will from now on will be referred to as Grandma Sunshine. – Kath

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Goodie Dolls Galore!

14 September – These fiddle toys have so many uses. They are used to comfort children, distract during procedures, provide a confused patient with a source of sensory outlet rather then pulling at lines.
We give then to children visiting patients in our unit that are feeling overwhelmed. We give them to patients just having a bad day and need a little positive mascot to cheer them up. Dina found the perfect person to give this one too. – Kath

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GoGs and Dogs!

8 September – How lucky was the ICU Team today! A visit from the GOGs and DOGs. Mary from ‘GOG’ and Pat from ‘Mission Stitchin” dropping off comfort care goods and Ruby and Amanda from Delta doing their Sunday rounds. – Kath

GoG Working Bee – 7 September

Thank you to all the Goodeze who came along today to another hugely successful biweekly GOG working bee. 🐝Despite the turn of bad weather there was a huge member turn out, and a large portion of new members and faces; we all had an absolute blast. We had a wonderful visit from the lovely Chris, a past patient of the ICU and one of the first recipients of a GOG beanie. He shared with us stories about the patient journey, and how much of a positive impact the goodies our members create makes. We received mountains of amazing Goodies and are very thankful to everyone who has donated; we are so excited to pass them on to the hospital. 😁

A few new ideas were thrown around at this GOG meeting and we are excited to introduce the Colour of the Month project, where each month people crochet or knit one square of a certain colour and size, and bring it in to be sewn up to make one communally made blanket. Robin (with a bin) 😉will be around to provide further details on that. We are also going to hold a Pink Ribbon Feast on the 20th of October, so please keep the day free so we can all come together to celebrate the strength of women with breast cancer all around the world, and help raise money for a great cause. 💖

Finally, if you’re stuck on what to start next, we are currently putting a call out for footy blankets, cannula covers, and Gogsters. If you have any questions or need any wool; don’t hesitate to contact us. We have packs already made up to hand out! (Thanks for the help Amanda!) 😁

Thank you as always for all your time and work, without you all this would not be possible. We are so lucky to be surrounded by such loving and giving people, what a beautiful family we have become and we’re so excited that we’re still growing.💖💕

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