ICU January Feedback

The new gold standard treatment in ICU is GOG and DOG therapy.
Miss Ruby visited a gentleman that said recieving a GOG blanket and having a visit from Ruby was the best day ever.
He asked me to pass on his Thanks and said he would treasure it.
He loved the colour combination! – Kath

Dear GOG community.

I was just reflecting on the last few weeks and how busy it has been.
Our registrar is reflecting how lucky we are to have the comfort care goods to distribute to our patients.

The GOG ‘gift giving bed to bed service’ was received with much positivity and enthusiasm and a lot of the staff were so thrilled to see the patients and families choose their own gifts. For days we saw patients with Christmas quilts on their beds.

On the afternoon that the trolley was wheeled around, there was much laughter and joy. I will never forget its amazing presentation. One patient fedback to me how grateful that she was to be able to choose gifts for her children from the trolley. She has been hospitalized for 3 months.
GOG gifts definitely made Christmas special this year for everyone in ICU.
GOG continues to provide comfort care for end of life care and once again families have been very humbled by your kindness.

The teddy’s with the fiddle muffs attached have been an enormous hit with some of elderly patients.

Once again thanks for all you do for patient care. – Kathleen

Thank you GOGS!

We received a thank you card today from a family that where very appreciative of the care their loved one received. They particularly where humbled by the beautiful blanket gifted to their loved one by GOG and wanted to pass on their heartfelt thank you to the GOG community for such a kind and thoughtful gesture.

Thank you GOGs – Kath

Happy New Year Goodeze!

Happy New Year Goodeze! 🥳🥳 It’s been such a fun and productive year! We’ve achieved so much and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every Goodie who contributed to our amazing success this year!

We have supported many Canberra as well as interstate families over the past year and it has been a real pleasure leading us into the new year with so many new Goodies added to our ‘repertoire’, new members joining our community and several new programs starting or set to start in the very near future.

Thank you to one and all for an amazing year! Please stay safe over the New Year and I hope you are able to spend time with loved ones.

Here is a review of GOG’s year in pictures! I hope you enjoy!