Lovely Loud Vicki! πŸ’–

So grateful to ‘Loud Vicki’ πŸ˜… for her generosity in collecting and recycling everyone’s cans and bottles!

Thanks to all of the GOG members who have donated their’s, we were able to take advantage of the Lincraft and Spotlight sales and purchase some beautiful new yarn! πŸ€©

We’ll be making up some ‘Jobs for GOG’ packs and bringing some on Sunday !
Thanks everyone! πŸ’–πŸ˜

300 Goodeze!

Today we reached a fantastic milestone! Gog now has 300 Facebook members!!! Everyone has a story and gog has helped people share these stories, bring comfort to people in times of great stress, and show incredible compassion. Fantastic work everyone, keep up being absolutely amazing. β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈ

(P.s. I hope you enjoyed this little picture I edited! Which pict is your fav?

Seniors Skills Share Afternoon

GOG was invited along to a ‘Seniors Skill Sharing’ event this afternoon held at the Canberra Seniors Centre. We enjoyed an afternoon of chatting and connecting with some lovely people, while sharing the art and love of knitting and crocheting. Thanks to Megan from Consenses Community Events for the invitation and to the Goodeze who gave their time to join me this afternoon! 

February 15 GOG Working Bee

As storms rolled in and torrential rain fell at times in Belconnen, a happy, relaxed and highly productive team of GOG members, from old hands to new members, knitted, crocheted and stitched away the hours.

As always, it was a time of friendly chatting and learning, as members shared ideas and skills. Mary demonstrating the technique for creating a ‘twisty shawl’ to an attentive band of members eager to try something new … the shawls are a sign of us looking ahead to the cooler months …

Once again the donation ‘table’ was laden with a wonderful array of blankets, comfort toys, beanies, fingerless gloves/cannula covers, Gogsters and a truly awe-inspiring pile of fiddle muffs for the Canberra Hospital.

Another wonderful afternoon with a beautiful group of inspiring crafters.

ICU February Feedback

A Team Effort! Go Eels!

An elderly patient that had been hospitalized for months and away from family and her husband for months asked our staff if she could have a blanket to send to her husband on his 90th. She choose the Parramatta Eels blanket.

A kind staff member posted the blanket to its recipient in a country area.
It was fed back to me, what a tremendous hit it was and how it gave the gentleman much solace and comfort.

That’s what I call a team effort!

Permission to share this story was granted. – Kath

How exciting
Today we received our delivery of blankets for patient comfort care.
Thank you GOGs.
Kathleen X

Taylor ‘Craft and Conversation’ 2020

Today we held our first ‘Craft and Conversation’session at Taylor since the new year and it was a great success, despite the strange weather. We were joined by some of our wonderful GOG members and some absolutely lovely members of the Margaret Hendry primary school community, some continuing on from last year and some new members too! It was a small turn out as the rain kept people away, but with many keen voices floating around we are sure we’re going to be booming in the coming weeks. 😊 Thanks to Kathryn for the photos!

Raiders Club Working Bee, 2 February

On another hot day in Canberra it was wonderful to escape into the air conditioned comfort of the Canberra Raiders Club near Kippax for today’s GOG Working Bee.

It was eyes down and fingers busy as members sewed labels and knitted and crocheted their way through a couple of hours of the usual laughter, chat, sharing and teaching that are the hallmarks of every GOG Working Bee.

Despite many members protestations that they felt it had been too hot to craft in the last two weeks the donation table was again laiden with some wonderful creations that will bring joy and comfort to patients in the Canberra Health Services.

Thanks for another great afternoon everyone, your generosity and creativity always inspire me. – Barbara