Beautiful Blues

30 June – Gifted this beautiful royal blue and light blue blanket today to the most lovely man. He has had a long hospital admission. He was so gracious about receiving the blanket and he wanted to relay how important volunteering is to the community and what a difference these hand made gifts are to the human soul and spirit in vulnerable times.

He said to me that the GOGs represent to him caring, community and connections. – Kath

No photo description available.
Kathleen, that is such precious feedback! Thank you to you and all the other staff who comment for keeping us at GoG updated with patient comments and feedback. It fuels our tanks and inspires more ideas and new projects. ❤ – Amanda

That’s beautifully said Kath , thank you for all the kindness, an to those whom make such wonderful things. – Pete

Write that response in Gold! – Tess

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