Current Donation Requests

Items in need currently are:

Footy Team Coloured Rugs

Footy team colours are always a huge hit!


These Gog-topuses are great fiddle toys for patients who may be feeling anxious or need a distraction. They are made with adults in mind and are not premmie baby octopuses.

Goodie Dolls

These fiddle toys have so many uses. They are used to comfort children, distract during procedures, provide a confused patient with a source of sensory outlet rather then pulling at lines.
They are given to children visiting patients in ICU that may be feeling overwhelmed and are also given to patients who may be having a bad day and need a little positive mascot to cheer them up.


Gogsters – Our Gogsters help provide comfort care to patients. We find that the different textures of wool and different tones of colour are a great source of comfort for patients seeking sensory calm in an overwhelming technical ward.

Men’s Slippers/bed socks (Larger sizes required)

Adult sized knitted or crocheted beds socks particularly larger sizes for men – These beds socks provide extra warmth at a time when it is difficult for patients to maintain their body temperature.

Shawls and Scarves

Twisty Shawls or scarves – These give long term ICU and Aged Care patients with the opportunity to stay warm when they are taken out onto the ICU Balcony in the cooler months.