ICU Feedback July

GO Team GOG!

24 July – COVID 19 has definitely brought many challenges. The visitor restriction regulations have been hard on some of our long term and chronic care patients. At the moment only one visitor can come in and this is very hard for some of our patients.

One lady was missing her grandchildren so much after a long hospitalization, and with no end in sight regarding the lifting of restrictions, Tess came up with a brilliant idea. Together they choose some comfort care items (all packaged according to infection control protocols) to send to the children at home, to let them know their Nana was thinking of them, and in a way, with them through the care items.

Thank you team GOG for the care you help us give in these challenging days. X

Thank You GOGS!

Thank you GOGs!
We received a full suitcase of beautiful blankets,fiddle toys, beanies and Mission Stitchin’ gowns today. Our shelves are well stocked and our register shows that we have provided many blankets for families and patients for comfort care at the end of life, over the last few weeks. We are very appreciative of the care and kindness of your donations and they definitely complement the care we give!
Thank you!

GOG Birthday Wishes

” I can feel the love that’s gone into making this blanket “
Thanks GOG for making this patients Birthday extra special with a beautiful blanket.

Footy Fever

We have been reflecting on how popular the footy blankets have been over the last month.

We really appreciate how GOG has responded to the number of individual patient and family requests for a blanket knitted in their favourite team colours.
We recently received feedback from a patient describing how the footy blanket transformed the clinical hospital environment into a homely place and gave them comfort during a lengthy hospital stay.
Thank you GOGs for making the patient journey more comfortable

MICO finds a home!

Gogster Adoption! Mico has been waiting a while but today he was adopted.

The Gogsters have many functions. They can be adopted just because they can lift someone’s spirit, or they can be used to elevate healing limbs or splint a chest for coughing or a wound on a turn.

As for Mico being bright orange he was meant to brighten this patients day.
Thank you GOG!

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