ICU and GOG Care Package arrives safely! Gogsters and Poppies supporting our VIC nursing heroes!

I received this letter today from Royal Melbourne, ICU team and wanted to share it with you all. ðŸ¥° Thanks to everyone who contributed to this bundle of love. ðŸ’•ðŸ’•

“To the Good Omen Goodeze and Canberra ICU team;

Over the past 9 months the Royal Melbourne Hospital Intensive Care Unit has spent its time preparing for the COVID Pandemic and then caring for those critically ill Victorians affected by the terrible COVID-19 virus. This pandemic response has become our new normal life.
We have been overwhelmed with the kindness and support shown by companies, the public and our community. This pandemic has affected our staff in many ways, hard work and fatigue has taken its toll and we look at ways to support our staff to do the amazing job they do every day.

We would like to acknowledge and thank the entire Canberra ICU team and the GOG’s for the care package. The Wellbeing of our staff is our priority and you have made this your priority too.

Once again thank you for support we cannot get through this without you.

Stay safe!”

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