ICU Feedback – December

Dear Gogs,
This photo was shared with me with permission to share with the GOG community, in appreciation for this beautiful blanket that was gifted during a hospitalization and now continues to give joy and comfort at home.
Thank you GOGs. Xx

Sometimes it is very difficult for a family member to come into our ICU environment, which for some people many be sensory overwhelming. In these situations we are discovering that if those family members are supported to choose a comfort item, to be placed on their loved ones bed to represent their absence, but show their support. Later the comfort goods will be taken home by the family member that chose it. My colleagues shared this with me and fed back how therapeutic it was.
You are doing good things. Kath Xx

Guess who got adopted! Bluey.

I was naughty and opened the Christmas loot early, but just this once I promise. The patient was telling me about how much they are missing their own Bluey at home and I remembered there was a Bluey in the loot.
It is a reminder that our pets are an important part of our lives and how much we miss them when separated.

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