ICU Feedback June

Just taking a moment to share how equally amazing Mary Barlow’s leadership and the GOG community are.

There are often special requests from nursing staff, social work, patients and families in other Canberra hospitals and TCH requesting GOG comfort care goods or gowns from Mission Stitchin’ for end of life care or long term patients. These requests are either made on the GOG FB page or calling ICU or the Foundation. Often these requests are for urgent specific purposes. Mary prioritises her life and puts others first and always finds a way and resources to get the comfort care goods to patient care immediately. Often this goes unrecognised.

Not today because I thought I would shout out thanks to Mary and the kindness of the GOG community who support this amazing service to our patients in the Canberra community.


Great News! Sterlo has been Adopted!

Great News!
Sterlo has finally been adopted. He made the day of a die hard eels supporter.
Well done Thim for organizing this adoption.
I don’t think we will forget the joy on the face of the recipient for a long while!


Gogsters come in all shapes and sizes and this little guy proved to be a perfect fit for a patient that had neck surgery and had spent the last few days with a rolled up towel for neck support.

Not anymore thanks for the comfort and the giggle the patient said..

Footy ‘Goodie Dolls’

The GOG fiddle toys are useful in many ways. They are used as comforters, distraction tools and fiddle toys for the young and elderly.

Recently one of our staff discovered that they also provide children comfort that are separated from a parent who is also a patient. We often send these toys home with the message that they are from mum or dad who are thinking about you at home.

Thanks GOGs for all you do!

Poppies Keep on Popping Up!

Even though International Nurses Day was the 12th May our Nurses are still wearing their poppies on their uniforms.
Thanks again for your acknowledgement!

More adoptions!!

When I was checking the register one of the staff left a note from one of the patients it said…

“I’m nearly 90 – recieving this blanket took me back to when I was a child and my mother knitted one just like this one. It reminded me of the love my mother gave to me. I don’t feel so alone now. It’s like a mothers hug to me…
Thank you GOGs!

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