ICU Feedback March

Dear GOG Villiage,
Hope you are all well.
Just feeding back that we have been collaborating with infection control on the best ways to store and package the comfort goods.
Our team acknowledge how important the comfort care goods are at the moment.
Many patients are not able to have contact with their friends and family due to the visiting restrictions and recieving a special GOG gift means a lot.

Today we had two patients in our care that must have been the Rabbitos biggest fans.
They where so emotional when receiving the blankets.
Simple acts of kindness can make a big difference to someone’s day.
Thankyou GOGs for your kindness.

Hello to all the GOG community.
Just letting you know that we still continuing to give our your beautiful comfort care goods to our patients. We are working closely with infection control regarding packaging, storage and handling.
We continue to receive the most warmest and heartfelt feedback from families and patients.
Over the last few days nearly all the Gogsters have been adopted. According to our register the blankets are steadily being gifted.
The gowns have been most appreciated by our long term patients and we are continuing to supply to long term patients on the ward as well. We found one lady had been in a hospital gown for nearly 9 months. I will never forget how excited she was choosing new gowns, beanies and bandannas.
Thank you to the GOG and Mission Stitchin community
Let’s look after each other in our village and regularly check in with each other at a social distance of course.

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