It’s a GOG Christmas Delivery!

Yesterday we were incredibly privileged to deliver over three large suitcases full of beautifully handmade Christmas Goodies, to the Canberra Hospital on behalf of all of us here at GOG!! 🎁🎄 What an amazing achievement!! 🤩

First stop, Amy who was working hard under the Foundation Givemas Tree! 😍 Next it was off to the ICU balcony with Genevieve, Isabel, Richard, Kath and Tess to meet with some of the ‘ICU Angels’ who, on top of their usual busy days, will be charged with delivering some of this ‘GOG love’ over the next few weeks. 💕 Thank you to all of you for taking time out of your busy schedules to meet and chat with us yesterday!

We hope these Goodies will provide patients and their loved ones with more than just physical warmth in their time of need; but the warmth contained in the hearts of each of their creators. 💖

A huge thank you to everyone who had a hand in this amazing delivery! You’re kindness and caring is priceless! 😊 💕💖

I love how GOGs vision and philosophy connects people to make others who are in vulnerable places this Christmas a little bit better.
Thanks to everyone behind the scenes in the GOG community, ICU, Volunteer services, The Hospital Foundation and Media and Communications for all their support to make patients and families time in hospital this Christmas a bit nicer . Kathleen Cook
What a privilege to be part of this! 😍 – Amanda Hensley
Love this.

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