It’s a GOG Xmas Eve in ICU!

The most rewarding Christmas Eve I’ve ever spent, delivering all your amazing Goodies to patients and family members in ICU. 🎁 Something I’ll never forget and hope to repeat for many years to come! 💕

The joy on everyone’s faces including the staff, as we walked with our overflowing trollies through the ward spreading as much Christmas cheer as we could, was just priceless.

Merry Christmas and thank you to all the amazing staff in ICU who welcomed us, and who will be spending this Christmas period caring for some of our local families in need. You guys really are angels! 👼

Thanks to the GOG community for all your support over the year and for all your amazing contributions to make Christmas special for our patients and staff. I have received so much positive feedback from staff tonight and just want to pass on many thanks for the joy you brought today.
Merry Christmas everyone – Kathleen

My patients family just LOVED the things for their child and the gown for the patient for Christmas Day 🥰 thank you so much for putting smiles on their faces 🥰 – Angela

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