March ICU Feedback

Bob the Gogster gets Adopted!

Two beautiful blankets gifted today and Bob the Gogster was adopted.
I returned from holidays to find that our staff have diligently filled out our registrar of the gift donations with lots of feedback from grateful families and patients.
Once again thank you for all you do and your gifts really make a difference to people in times of sadness, grief, pain and isolation.

Farewell Link!

This Beautiful Blanket was received by a very grateful family that wished to say Thank you to the GOG community for their thoughtfulness and kindness in thinking of others during difficult times.
Sadly Link is leaving us.
We will miss him very much. He has always been very supportive of the comfort goods and even wraps them up for our patients and families.
Thanks Link and GOG.

Two Gogster Adoptions.
Judging by the smiles and laughter I think the GOGs nailed it again.

Operation GOG Drop OFF

These gorgeous Fiddle Muffs, Comfort Dolls and Comfort Fiddle Dolls, and Cannula Covers on on there way to Aged Care through The Hospital Foundation.
Thanks Amy

Thank you GOGs and Mission Stitchin’

Thank you GOGs and Mission Stitchin’ for the time you take making these beautiful comfort care goods. Our staff often reflect what a privilege it is to give the gifts to compliment care, give comfort, or brighten someone’s day.

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