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If you would like to become a member of GOG and receive updates and notifications of our special events or new projects, please click on the link below, download and complete the application form.  The form can either be emailed to or a copy can be taken along to one of our Working Bees.  The GOG Charter can be found on the front page  of our website and on the back of the application form.

4 thoughts on “Membership Application Form”

  1. Hi there, just finished another granny square for the firies project. Feeling much more confident today with my efforts. I unable to attend the next gathering. Is there any one near me in Watson I could drop my work to so it can be stitched together at the next get together?

    Just checking about completing membership requirements. The doc is read only – is that what you had in mind? Please text me on 0415 991 881 or send me an email. Susan

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