Inaugural GoG Working Bee!

20 May – Last Friday we had our first GoG Working Bee! Ten of us got together and enjoyed a few nibbles while we shared skills, patterns, ideas and a few laughs! Oh and yes, lots of crocheting was also done as we wiled the afternoon away! Thanks to all who came along and to those who even managed to bring a plate to share! Also a big thank you to Mama Christa (Hahaha!) who helped me set up the nibbles. It was a lovely afternoon and I look forward to the next one!

SFX Gorgeous Goodies

16 May – Another good news story! Last week we visited St Francis Xavier College to meet some of the amazing ‘Woolverines’ who have joined our little project. We were very grateful to receive 10 beautiful blankets from the College community and can’t wait to see what beauties the students are busy producing at the moment! Thank you to Sue for setting up and overseeing the project and the other staff and family members who have been so generous with their time and donations! 💝

Mission Stitchin’ Gowns Galore!

8 May – A huge thank you to Pat and the amazing ladies at Mission Stitchin’ for the wonderful job they have done on the hospital gowns and bandannas for the Canberra Hospital! They are just so beautifully made! Thank you also to my lovely Mum ☺️ for donating most of the material! They feedback we’ve received to date has been extremely positive! ❤️

GoG May Gathering

1 May – Last weekend we held our 3rd ever GoG gathering! Over 12 of our wonderful Goodeze came together, shared projects, ideas and lots of good food! Thank you to everyone who made the time to come along and for the amazing number of blankeze and other goodeze that you’ve all put so much time, effort, creativity and love into making! The feedback from the hospital community has been overwhelmingly positive and very heartwarming. 💝💝
Thank you again and I can’t wait till our next gathering! 😁💝

We now have our own t-shirts with our logo on them!! Thank you to Mari and Nicola for the design and artwork of our very own little ‘GoG!’