Sustainability = Creativity!

I love a visit from Kathryn! 😍 Not just because she’s makes the cutest Little Gogsters, but she demonstrates so well how sustainable GOG is as an organisation!

We source brand new yarn from members of the public who no longer have a personal use for it and would like it to benefit the community. Often these donations come with half done projects, projects that normally would have no use. This is where Kathryn and Jane come in with their creativity and crafty skills. They take half finished jumpers and make them into incredible Gogsters, a partially knitted scarf turns into a beautiful panel in a blanket, a square bigger at one end than the other becomes the centre piece of a spectacular blanket. 🤩

Sustainability is difficult for any organisation, but it doesn’t have to be dull, it should be filled with creativity and joy. Kathryn, Jane, and all the GOGs show us this and help us become better as an organisation and as people.😍

Thank you for all your hard work.🥰💖

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